… a comprehensive theory of attachment and the human mind as well as a theory of how language shapes us as persons;

… a therapeutic approach attending to the ways in which past experiences (good and harmful) have left traces in our mind and body, which make themselves felt in often incomprehensible unhealthy, damaging and sometimes destructive behavior – towards ourselves and towards the people, animals and environments we interact with;

… a listening cure.

We are attachment seeking creatures. And we are speaking beings. Psychoanalytic therapy works in the intersection of these fundamental human qualities.

We heal in a benign environment in relation to others. That is why the therapeutic relationship, before anything else, is a caring one.
To come alive and be creative in the presence of an other who is supportive; to put words to the wounds of the past and the present, and to find new words to describe who I am and who I want to become is a source of great joy.